California Avenue Palo Alto - California Places, Travel, And News.

California Avenue (Ambiance and Architecture)

California Avenue is one of the most important streets in Palo Alto, a prominent city in Silicon Valley. It is the central hub for the retail industry and also features some of the city’s finest bars and restaurants. One of … Read More

Smiling Women With Bags Walking On Street - California Places, Travel, And News.

What Not To Wear In California

No shoes, no shirt, no problems, is a sentiment that rings true throughout many regions of California. The laid-back, surfer attitude is well represented in coastal cities and towns across the entire state. With 24/7, 365 sunshine, it’s hard to … Read More

Extreme Close Up Of A Jerusalem Cricket Or Potato Bug Nocturnal Insect - California Places, Travel, And News.

California Potato Bug (Aggressive, Sometimes)

The California potato bug is the name commonly given to Jerusalem crickets, a type of insect found in California and other western states in the U.S. Despite what their name might suggest, these insects or neither crickets nor are they … Read More

A Silhouetted Surfer Waits For The Perfect Set - California Places, Travel, And News.

California Sunset (Places You Must Go)

You’ve never heard someone regret catching a sunset after a long day. It’s the perfect way to relax both mentally and physically, and has been proven to combat stress, anxiety, and depression. Sunsets are a gift from nature that we … Read More

On The Forest Edge. North California Mendocino National Forest Landscape - California Places, Travel, And News.

Laytonville, CA (Nature, Hills, Forests)

Laytonville, CA, is one of the smallest cities in California, with a population of just over 1,100 people. It’s located in Mendocino, County, just 23 miles northwest of Willits, another small city known as the “Gateway to the Redwoods”. Despite … Read More

Can You Wear Red In California - California Places, Travel, And News.

Wearing Red or Blue In California (Crips, Bloods)

California is home to people from all walks of life, from dairy farmers to Hollywood actors, and fashion designers to Silicon Valley programmers. Due to the diversity of its people, you can find virtually every dress style within its borders. … Read More

California Beach At Big Sur - California Places, Travel, And News.

Pfeiffer Beach (Keyhole Arch and Purple Sand)

Big Sur boasts many attractions, like the Bixby Bridge, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. One more attraction it has is Pfeiffer Beach.Pfieffer Beach, near Sycamore Canyon Road, is a hidden gem that offers an … Read More

Coastline Golf Course Greens And Bunkers In California. - California Places, Travel, And News.

California Coast (Complete Guide)

Despite its geographical location, the coast of California is the state’s heart, but did you ever wonder why it’s such a hot spot for residents and visitors alike?Coastal California makes up a significant part of the Golden State’s population, infrastructure, … Read More

Carlsbad Sand Beach California. - California Places, Travel, And News.

Carlsbad Beaches (Amazing Choices)

If you love beaches, then you’ll love Carlsbad. It’s a city in California, within San Diego county. It’s home to beautiful beaches and a Legoland theme park. In this article, we’ll discuss Carlsbad beaches and the best ones.Carlsbad beaches are … Read More