Aerial View Of Carlsbad Flower Fields. Tourist Can Enjoy Hillsides Of Colorful Giant Ranunculus Flowers During The Annual Bloom That Runs March Through Mid May. Carlsbad California Usa. 4 - California View

Carlsbad Flower Fields (Beautiful Scenes)

Nothing says spring like a burst of blooming fields. If you’re in the San Diego region, then you can witness a colorful spring by visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields.Available for two or so months per year, you’ll want to head … Read More

South Carlsbad State Beach Campground Carlsbad. 2 - California View

11 Best Bonfire Beaches in California

Setting up a fire pit near the ocean is a must-try experience in California, but the key is to find proper bonfire beaches to visit.It’s not illegal to start a bonfire on many beaches in the Golden State as long … Read More

View Of Hollywood Sign Los Angeles California - California View

Where Celebrities Live in California (Hotspots!)

California has been a destination for actors, directors, and would-be creatives for over 100 years. While the weather and sheer beauty of the state make it a perfect place to settle for virtually anyone, the reasons for so many celebrities … Read More

View Of Balboa Island And Buildings In Irvine From Newport Bea. - California View

Irvine, California (Everything You Should Know)

On December 28, 1971, Irvine, California, became a legal entity under the state’s laws. Since then, it has caught the eye of many people due to its location and many leisure activities.Irvine is home to some beautiful scenery and a … Read More

Paleteria Displayed In A Ice Cream Store. - California View

Paleteria (What Is It and Where to Get It)

When summer arrives, nothing is more refreshing than a cold treat like popsicles or ice creams. The best way to consume these is from paleterias that sell these frozen treats. So, what is a paleteria, and where do you get … Read More

Bodega Bay Viewed From Dillon Beach. - California View

Dillon Beach (Amenities + Things To Do)

California’s perks aren’t limited to the bay area. Indeed, the best part of living in California is its natural surroundings. Its north coast is famous for the beach stretches, including Dillon beach, which was named after one of its early … Read More

San Francisco Garter Snakes Endemic Of California - California View

California Garter Snake (Must Know!)

California is one of the United State’s most important regions for wildlife. The diverse landscape marries desert, forest, ocean, and mountains, creating a hub of biological diversity. It’s also the third-largest state by size (excluding Alaska) and encompasses various weather … Read More

La Los Angeles Sunset Skyline With Traffic California From Freeway. - California View

Driving in California (Safety + Road Tips)

Before you get behind the wheel and start driving in California, you might wonder if there’s more to it than the general right-of-way rules.California’s highways are great for delight-cruising, but it’s not a free-for-all situation since regulations still apply. In-city … Read More

Waves In The Pacific Ocean And View Of The Beach From Balboa Pie. - California View

Balboa Pier – Things To Do (+ Newport Beach)

The city of Newport Beach, Orange County, lies in Southern California and is considered a part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This coastal town is home to numerous beachfront shops, restaurants, and the famous Balboa Pier.Balboa Pier is your … Read More

Sunset In El Porto California. - California View

El Porto Beach (Ultimate Guide)

El Porto Beach is part of the City of Manhattan Beach in California and neighboring El Segundo Beach to the North. It’s located near El Porto Community, a residential area within Manhattan Beach. Westward, El Porto overlooks the Pacific Ocean, … Read More