Sunset Street California - California Places, Travel, And News.

Why California is so Popular

California is undoubtedly one of the most popular states in the U.S. There are countless songs about it, many movies inspired by it, and it is home to more Americans than any other state. It is a beautiful land, bursting … Read More

Ralphs Grocery Store Sign. Ralphs Is A Major Supermarket Chain In The Southern California Area And The Largest Subsidiary Of Cincinnati Based Kroger. - California Places, Travel, And News.

Best California Grocery Stores (Our Top 6 Picks)

The shopping experience in California can be a bit confusing. With the small urban stores and family-owned shops, you wouldn’t know where to begin. Not to mention the different variety of products and cuisines each store carries.If you don’t know … Read More

In N Out Burger Fast Food Restaurant Sign Los Angeles California - California Places, Travel, And News.

7 Things You Can Only Get In California!

California is a unique place that combines an eclectic array of cultures, lifestyles, and attitudes. Regardless of who you ask, everyone has an opinion on the Golden State. While people’s views on the region may vary from good to bad … Read More

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Birthday Ideas in California (Adults/Teens + Unique)

Birthdays are momentous occasions when friends and family get together to celebrate your very existence. Although you wish fewer candles were on your cake, your birthday shouldn’t be taken for granted. It should be celebrated, enjoyed, and remembered. After all, … Read More

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Why California Is The Best State (Live + Visit)

California state is the most populous and visited in the entire country. Domestic and international vacationers choose California as their go-to destination more than any other place in America. Millions flock to the west coast in search of sun, sea, … Read More

Snowy Scenery Cabins On Big Bear Lake California - California Places, Travel, And News.

Does it Get Cold in California? (Monthly Weather)

California is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the United States, with visits regularly passing 200 million annually. Over the past decade, annual tourism spending has also increased significantly. Visitors spend over $100 billion in California annually, providing a … Read More

Hiroki Kuroda In Action For The L.a. Dodgers - California Places, Travel, And News.

California Baseball Teams (5 MLB)

California is a hotbed for sports and has proven to be one of the best places to procure talent and create championship-winning franchises in various disciplines. As a top-tier American sport, baseball has a long and storied history in the … Read More

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Sell a Car in California Without Smog Certification

Can I sell a car in California without smog certification? After all, this is a valid concern among car owners since this is usually a requirement for registration.The law dictates that the seller should secure the certification and turn it … Read More

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California NBA Teams (Best Basketball State?)

California is home to more NBA teams than any other state, with four major franchises. Los Angeles has two home teams: the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers. Unfortunately, for Clippers fans, the Lakers are the more popular … Read More

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Why California Is So Nice! (Unique Attractions)

California is a perfect representation of the American dream. The Golden State is a melting pot of cultures, each of which significantly impacts what makes California unique. California is the country’s most populated state, with over 39.5 million people residing … Read More