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According to many, California is among the best places to live. Sun, sea, and nature make every day a dream. If you’re more of a city dweller, California is never dull, offering world-class food, nightlife, and entertainment. That said, it’s one of the most expensive states in the country, making it difficult to get by. 

If you’re sick of traffic and want to find out how to make money from home in California, there has never been a better time. We’ve compiled a list of jobs you can do without stepping outside your front door. In most cases, you only need a computer and a steady internet connection. Let’s take a look.

How to make money from home in California - California Places, Travel, and News.

How to Make Money Online in California

Without a doubt, we’re in the midst of the working-from-home (WFH) era. The internet laid the foundations for this trend, and the pandemic has accelerated it further in recent years. In addition to traditional jobs transitioning to home, there are now roles explicitly designed for remote workers. 

Whether you want to learn how to make money fast or simply supplement your income, there are plenty of WFH opportunities for Californians. Although education, qualifications, and experience help with virtually any position, there’s no shortage of jobs for those starting out their careers or making an industry change. 


If you have an affinity for writing, blogging is an excellent way to make money from home. There are millions of websites dedicated to niche markets, so you can find one that aligns with your interests and expertise. Despite being around since the birth of the internet, blogging is showing no signs of slowing. 

Starting your own blog is a great way to build a business. However, this approach requires time, dedication, and strategy before the site can become monetized. Therefore, it’s often better to learn your chops by getting a writing gig for an existing blog. With experience, you can command higher rates for your work. 

Aside from starting your own site, there are three main avenues to begin a blogging career. The first is to find an online publication that you like and reach out to them directly about working with them. The second is to trawl writing job boards for a gig. Finally, you can apply for a job with a content mill with existing clients. 

Become a Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant is a remote role where you provide administrative tasks for a client (or several clients), such as sending and receiving emails, organizing calls, data entry, scheduling, and other industry-specific duties. With more and more people working from home, there is a growing need for virtual assistants. 

Depending on your experience, competencies, and individual role, the pay scale can vary significantly. However, some virtual assistants earn lucrative annual salaries of up to six figures. Although, it’s more common to make an average rate in such a role, which is approximately $29 per hour in California. 

The best way to find virtual assistant jobs is to use professional social networks, like LinkedIn, or search online job boards. Alternatively, if you have a strong professional network, you can approach potential clients directly with your proposal and portfolio.

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WFH social media management - California Places, Travel, and News.

Social Media Management 

It’s widespread for companies to outsource social media management. Since most people today are regular social media users, transitioning to management comes naturally to many. With some additional training, you can become a social media manager very quickly. 

Social media managers are typically responsible for creating strategies to grow a digital audience, building and monitoring campaigns, and analyzing the data. Having a solid social media presence adds significant value to a business, often contributing heavily to the bottom line. 

If you’re new to this realm, consider taking on small clients first, like local businesses. Take note of major achievements and growth to gradually build your portfolio. As you progress, you’ll be better positioned to attract larger clients, and you can use your track record as proof of your abilities. 

Sell Printables

Creatives often find it difficult to monetize their passions. As a personal endeavor, it’s hard to face potential criticism for your work or fail to reach the heights you dreamed of. However, once you get over this step, there are a few more gratifying ways to make a living. 

If you’re an artist or have a keen eye for visual media and design, selling printable artwork is an excellent secondary revenue stream. Should you manage to build a following, it can quickly become a full-time job. Combining a blog or online business and a printable line is a perfect match. 

The safest route to establishing a printable business is to partner up with an existing e-commerce store, like Spoonflower or Print All Over Me (POAM). While these intermediaries take a good chunk of the profits, they simplify the process and allow you to build an audience. 

Once you’re more established, you can look into ways of running the business more profitably. But be warned. You’ll need to find printers and fulfillment services to ensure operations run smoothly. 

Starting a YouTube channel is a fun and rewarding way to make money from home - California Places, Travel, and News.

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has long established itself as one of the most solid social platforms for monetization. Although it’s by no means easy to make money on YouTube, there are tried and tested ways to succeed. Since California has so much to offer, you can niche down your channel into your local interests (or not).

Another great thing about launching a YouTube channel is that the platform itself is the best teacher. There are countless channels that can teach you how to make money on YouTube. Moreover, you can use this resource to learn essential skills, from video editing to advertising, and from market research to idea generation. 

Whatever category you choose to specialize in, don’t expect overnight success. However, YouTube is designed to enable users to monetize their channel within a single year. So, with planning, consistency, and hard work, it’s a viable option for making money from home. 

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Side Hustles in California

The famous grind mentality of the east coast hasn’t entirely made its way to California, at least not en masse. However, with the cost of living on the rise, many residents rely on side hustles to help make ends meet or give themselves some additional spending power. 

When it comes to side hustles, convenience is critical. It’s tough enough to hold down a full-time job, never mind work on a secondary career at the end of a long day. So, we’ve outlined several side gigs that can be done from your home or at least in your locality. 


If you’re a teacher or have an academic background, tutoring outside of working hours is the perfect side hustle. It’s very common for students to seek extra help in complex subjects like math, English, or science topics, so your services will be in demand. Tutoring is also a good option for musicians or artists. 

In the social media age, advertising your services is seamless. Simply set up professional social media pages and promote yourself. You can also contact local community centers or schools to see if they can help spread the word about your tutoring services.

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Dog Walking or Sitting

If you’re a dog lover, offering your services as a walker or sitter is a no-brainer. It gives you the opportunity to hang out with furry friends and earn money while doing so. To boot, walking dogs regularly is an excellent form of exercise and allows you to take advantage of California’s fabulous weather. 

As the most populous state in the country, there are millions of dogs in California, so the market is enormous. Again, you can advertise your services on social media. However, one of the easiest ways to get started is to subscribe to dog walking apps like Wag and Rover, offering on-demand walking in your area.

Food Deliveries 

Although it’s not strictly an at-home job, there is considerable demand for food delivery drivers. In addition to traditional fast-food deliveries, there are now a lot of people ordering groceries and household items through mobile apps. 

While delivery driving isn’t necessarily high-paying, it’s a relatively stress-free way to make some extra money. Some popular delivery services in California include Uber Eats, Postmates, Amazon, DoorDash, and Instacart. 

Ride Share Driving 

Just like home deliveries, rideshare apps remain extremely popular. Signing up for Uber or Lyft as a driver is relatively straightforward. If you’re a local, it could be an enjoyable way to increase your income during evenings or weekends. That said, California traffic is no joke. 

A major advantage of being a rideshare driver is flexibility. You can work at any time, including overnight and at weekends. What’s more, the rates are typically higher during these times, so you can earn a little bit more per ride. 

Mystery Shopping 

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Being a mystery shopper is one of those jobs that sounds too good to be true. It’s a quality control service where shoppers visit stores, restaurants, or bars, posing as regular shoppers but are actually assessing the service. It’s essential for brands that rely on their reputation. 

There are tons of mystery shopping services in California, so research companies in your area. Please note that there are mystery shopper scams out there. Do your due diligence to ensure the company is legitimate before signing up. 

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Other Ways to Earn Money from Home

Today, you can do almost any standard office job from home. While some companies prefer that their employees work from the office, this is no longer common practice. If you want a remote job, there’s no need to compromise. 

In addition to the positions outlined above, here are some other excellent ways to make money from home in California:

  • Rent a room on Airbnb
  • Furniture flipping
  • Photography
  • Photo and video editing
  • Online streaming
  • Data entry
  • Web and app testing
  • Surveys
  • Sell second-hand clothing
  • Work-from-home customer service

If you see yourself working from home in the long term, it’s always beneficial to invest in yourself. Upskilling platforms like Udemy or Slideshare are excellent resources for learning. Job boards, such as Fiverr and UpWork, are essential for freelancers and remote workers looking for one-off and more long-term work.

California Money FAQs

How can I make money easily in California?

California has a strong economy, and there are plenty of job opportunities in a range of industries, from the hospitality industry to tech. E-commerce, blogging, and online startups are also great at-home money-makers.

How can I make money fast at home?

Some of the best ways to make money fast from home include online writing, working as a virtual assistant, social media management, YouTube, and e-commerce stores. Good offline revenue streams include home tutoring, dog sitting, and room rentals.

How can I make money online?

There has never been a better time to make money online, either as a freelancer or a full-time employee. Online job boards and professional social networks like LinkedIn are the best ways to find reliable employment online.


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