Coronado Beach (Things To Do and See)

What can we say about Coronado beach that hasn’t already been said? With the huge influx of visitors and people moving there from all over the world, it’s easy to see how people get hooked by it!

Coronado Beach, located between San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean, has been popular since the late 19th century. Its popularity stems from its clear waters, beautiful views of marine life, and the many activities the beach offers its visitors.

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Facts About Coronado Beach

Before we get into the history and tales of this glorious beach, let’s start by looking at all the important facts first!

Land Area and Zip Code

Coronado Beach is a gorgeous expanse of golden sand that stretches along the water for more than 1.6 miles. It’s just north of the Coronado Island Bridge, surrounded by the city of Coronado. This amazing beach is part of Coronado, California, in the 92118, 92178 ZIP Codes area.

Crime Rate

Despite being populated by many tourists and visitors, the crime rate in Coronado is relatively low compared to the rest of the United States. The crime rate is about 11.7 on a scale of 1 to 100. That’s substantially lower than the U.S. average of 22.7.

On the other hand, Coronado has a relatively low property crime rate of 28.5 compared to the national average of 35.4. The crime rate has also declined significantly in recent years.

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Best Hotels by Coronado Beach

To enjoy the best stay near the golden sands of Coronado beach, you need to pick a hotel that complements the area’s beauty! Let’s look at some examples of what’s available:

Hotel Marisol Coronado

The Marisol Coronado Hotel opened its doors in 1927 and has welcomed guests ever since. The hotel’s eclectic Spanish architecture and beautiful decoration reflect many people’s fascination with Spanish culture at the time.

The hotel provides its guests with everything they need, including cable TV and free Wi-Fi. It’s also just a few minutes from the lovely Coronado beach!

1906 Lodge

The 1906 Lodge is the best runner-up on our list. A 5-minute walk from Coronado beach, the 1906 lodge offers guests a secluded and romantic getaway with historic B&B-like features.

There’s also a communal seating area and a beautiful garden for visitors to enjoy. Guests can park their cars in the underground parking lot at no extra charge.

El Cordova Hotel

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The third hotel worth mentioning is the El Cordova Hotel. This property is located in the former mansion of an industrialist who built it back in 1902.

Its courtyard contains a beautiful garden, boutique shops, and two on-site restaurants. You won’t need to leave the property except for a dip in Coronado Beach, which is located just a few blocks away.

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Best Restaurants Near Coronado Beach

Mediterranean, European, or American cuisine—these restaurants have got your food cravings covered!

Chez Loma

This quaint French bistro has been serving the people of Coronado for more than 30 years with delicious French meals. The restaurant is located in the Carey Hizar House, one of the historical landmarks of Coronado.

Bluewater Boathouse Seafood Grill

In 1996, Bluewater Grill opened its first restaurant in Newport Beach, California. Since then, it has expanded to locations across the country.

The founders of this establishment believe in the importance of creating a relaxed environment and fantastic hospitality. These important factors have made their restaurant one of the best family-friendly ones out there.


Right inside Hotel Del Coronado, you’ll find a large assortment of restaurants. However, Sheerwater is one of the best in there!

You can enjoy a unique dining experience with a view at their unique seaside eatery. The outdoor seating is great for relaxing under the sun with your favorite drink from their menu.

Coronado Beach just outside of San Diego California. - California Places, Travel, and News.

Where Is Coronado Beach?

Coronado beach is located in Coronado, California. The beach is a popular tourist destination and attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Coronado is a “land-tied” island, naturally connected to the mainland by a tombolo named the Silver Strand. The beach rests between San Diego Bay and the Pacific Ocean just north of Mexico.

The History of Coronado

In past days, before the European settlers arrived, the tribe of Kumeyaay lived on the lands of Coronado. Sadly, after the new settlers arrived, the tribe was reallocated.

Many years later, around 1885, Elisha Babcock and Hampton Story rowed over from San Diego to Coronado island. After a look around, they thought it would make an ideal place for a luxurious resort.

They anticipated that easterners seeking a more temperate climate would flock in droves to the new hotel. As a result, they built the Hotel Del Coronado, and for the first time ever, the hotel welcomed guests in January 1888.

Almost overnight, it became one of the most sought-after resorts in California and is still popular today. This helped increase the popularity of Coronado and its beach.

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In 1900, John D. Spreckels dubbed the “Sugar Prince,” purchased the Hotel Del Coronado and established another tourist area, Tent City, just south of the hotel.

Unfortunately, the tents were replaced by cottages and eventually demolished by early 1941. His work is credited with contributing to San Diego’s general growth as a commercial center.

What’s Coronado Beach Known For?

Did you know that Coronado has more than just Coronado Central Beach? The island is famous for its many beautiful beaches! Almost seven different ones, to be exact. For instance, you can go to Coronado Dog Beach or Glorietta Bay Beach.

When you take a walk on Coronado Beach, you might find yourself face-to-face with giant sand castles or sand sculptures. These are the work of Bill Pavlacka, who’s known as “The Sandcastle Man.”

He’s an award-winning artist who creates stunning sand sculptures. On most days, you can find his lovely creations near the front of Hotel Del Coronado.

Another thing that makes the beautiful beach so attractive is the aforementioned Hotel Del Coronado. It’s not just a historical landmark—it has almost everything in it! From restaurants, shops, and spas, this hotel has captured the hearts of people throughout time.

What to Do in Coronado Beach

Tide pools are great places to explore if you’re feeling adventurous! During low tide, these pools reveal themselves near the shore. You can see hermit crabs scurrying around or small fish swimming. It’s completely free and safe for kids as you don’t really have to climb on the rocks to see any of the marine life.

However, tide pooling isn’t the only thing you can do! Did you know that you can visit a sunken ship? In 1937, a ship named the SS Monte Carlo hooked its anchor off the coast of Coronado.

Because of a strong storm, the anchor lost its hold on the ground, and the ship drifted to shore. The ship remained there because no one came to claim it.

During low tides, you can actually see an outline of the boat buried in the sand about a quarter mile south of the Hotel Del Coronado. After seeing this mesmerizing scene, you can go ahead and rent kayaks or jet skis!

Kayaking is a great way to explore the natural beauty of your surroundings from a new perspective. While you’re out on the water, you can also enjoy swimming and snorkeling.

Jetskiing also offers a similar experience, but it’s more fast-paced. You’ll be able to travel over long distances in less time, making it great for exploring different beach areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Coronado Beach

Now that you have all the details about Coronado beach, it’s time to answer all the questions that might’ve popped into your head!

Is Coronado a good place to live?

Coronado is a great place to live. The population is pretty low and is not super dense in the summertime. So if you’re looking for a place to get away from it all, this is it! There are plenty of activities there, from eating out and watching movies to surfing the high waves and visiting historical museums. Its juxtaposition of old, retro architecture and modern buildings makes it feel like something from a movie or a dream.

Is Coronado Beach Safe?

Yes! Coronado beach is usually safe and is one of the top places to swim in Coronado. It’s family-friendly, has stationed lifeguards all year round, and has restrooms and showers. However, some news has revealed that there may be some sewage in the south bay waters. So it might be best to wait until you’re sure the water quality tests came out fine.

Is Coronado Beach Worth Visiting?

Coronado Beach is worth the visit! The sparkling golden sand, beautiful marine life, and rich history right and left make this place a must-see. With its wide range of activities, it’s also the perfect place for exploring with your family or friends. There are just so many things to do here! You can swim, snorkel, kayak, or visit the historical sights from the beaches to the city center.


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