Why California Is So Nice! (Unique Attractions)

California is a perfect representation of the American dream. The Golden State is a melting pot of cultures, each of which significantly impacts what makes California unique.

California is the country’s most populated state, with over 39.5 million people residing there. This is remarkable, considering Texas, the second most populated state, is over 100,000 square miles bigger. 

But why is California so popular? Whether you’re an up-and-coming actor, computer programmer, or adventure-seeking traveler, California has something for everyone.

With this in mind, let’s explore why California is so nice and what draws millions of people to the west coast every year. To give an alternative perspective, we’ll also examine some of the cons of living in such a large and population-dense region. 

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Reasons to Live in Nice California

There’s a reason California has the population of a large country. People are willing to put up with the heavy traffic, high living costs, and expensive taxes to live along the pacific coast. So, why is California so nice? Here are some of the top reasons to settle down in California. 

Perfect Weather Year-Round

California is a sun-seekers paradise, boasting clear blue skies and crisp golden rays for most of the year (although the weather varies depending on your location). The subtropical climate ensures you get a healthy dose of vitamin D and works wonders for your mood.

If you’re a fan of the outdoors or like the idea of wearing t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops daily, there’s no better place to be in the United States. 

Although summers can get pretty hot (mean temperature of 78°F), humidity levels are usually quite tolerable. Winters are extremely mild, so that you can enjoy hiking, surfing, and other outdoor activities throughout the year. 

Endless Beaches and Coastline

For many Californians, life’s a beach. The pacific’s seemingly endless coastline is home to countless world-class beaches to soak in the sunshine. If you’re after a relaxing day of sunbathing, Zuma or Point Dune State Beaches in Malibu offer plenty of sand and crystal-clear water.

Laguna Beach, situated between L.A. and San Diego, contains a host of impressive coves and scenic ocean views. The areas surrounding Laguna are bursting with life and a vibrant art scene.

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California is synonymous with surfing and surf culture. Whether a first-timer or a seasoned professional, you can surf at virtually any beach along the coast.

However, with such a famous scene throughout the state, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our favorite spots to catch a wave. Be sure to visit at least one of the following: 

  • Huntington Beach Pier, Huntington Beach
  • Windansea Beach, La Jolla
  • Trestles, San Clemente
  • The Wedge, Newport Beach
  • Surfrider Beach, Malibu
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Diverse Social Scene

California is a big state with several major cities, like L.A., San Francisco, San Diego, Oakland, and Sacramento. Californians have roots in cultures from all over the world, especially Latin America, Asia, and Spain. This combination contributes to a highly diverse social scene regarding food, language, nightlife, and celebrations.

There is no shortage of parties, from great clubbing in downtown L.A. to bohemian bar hopping in San Fran. You can also find an array of subcultures, including skateboarding, punk rock, rap, yoga, art, and film. California is a progressive state that welcomes people from all walks of life.

Breathtaking Nature

It’s quite rare that you find a state with a perfect balance of city living and stunning nature. Wherever you are in California, a National Park, glorious hiking trail, or luscious forest, is just a car ride away.

More than any other U.S. state, California is home to nine National Parks. Some of the most beautiful and popular parks include Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon parks.

Outdoor activities are a significant part of many Californians’ lives, with bike riding, hiking, and trail walking among some of the most well-loved pastimes. Vast mountain ranges are dotted around the entire state, providing near-perfect views and weekend escapes.

If you’re looking for an activity-based vacation, look no further than the Sierra Nevadas, where you can do everything from fishing to rock climbing. 


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Californians can’t complain about the quality of their sports teams, having had several championship-winning franchises across multiple sports over the past few decades. In basketball, the Lakers are one of the most storied franchises in the world.

Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Lebron James are not just hall of fame grade players. They have each won NBA titles while wearing purple and gold. 

Golden State Warriors have been one of the most dominant teams in the history of the NBA, collecting four championships since 2015. The state’s other basketball teams are the L.A. Clippers and the Sacramento Kings. 

The L.A. Rams are the 2022 Superbowl Champions, bringing further gold to the state. The 49ers and the Raiders are also enormous NFL franchises that have endured plenty of success over the years. 

In baseball, the L.A. Dodgers won the World Series as recently as 2020. While the Angels haven’t had as much luck in recent decades, they have a significant following in California. 

Whatever type of sports you enjoy, California’s got it, from soccer to surfing and from basketball to skateboarding. 

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Music and Entertainment

California is home to the stars. In terms of music and entertainment, the state is second to none. Thousands of the most prominent actors in the world have homes in the greater L.A. area. This has brought a lot of wealth to the region, elevating the standard of music, entertainment, and restaurants for everyone. 

There are also several world-famous venues for musicians and bands around California, such as the Troubador (L.A.), the Hollywood Bowl (L.A.), the Casbah (San Diego), and the Fox Theater (Oakland).

Virtually all of the best artists from around the globe play in Californian venues yearly, making it an ideal destination for concertgoers. 

Reasons Not to Live in California

California is undoubtedly one of the nicest places to live in the U.S. However, certain factors have led to a departure in the region. Here are some of the negative aspects of living in or visiting California: 

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  • High cost of living (3rd most expensive U.S. state)
  • Wildfires
  • Occasional droughts
  • High taxes
  • High population density
  • Traffic
  • Homelessness
  • Housing prices
  • Increasing crime rates

However, it’s important to remember that we live in unprecedented times. The pandemic has enormously affected the entire country, particularly in areas with many people.

Although some people have decided to relocate in recent years, California hasn’t lost its special allure and remains one of the top destinations in the country.

Nice is California FAQs

What makes California special?

Unlike most other states, California has a unique blend of nature, ocean, mountains, city living, and great weather. It’s a hub of cultural diversity and home to people from all over the world.

Are people nicer in California?

People from certain parts of California have a reputation for being laid back, happy-go-lucky, and friendly. However, as with many major cities, the highly populated areas are not known for having overly friendly locals.

Why do people like California so much?

California is a state with a little bit of everything. It’s extremely diverse and appeals to the masses, from Hollywood A-listers to sun-seeking vacationers. It’s also a wealthy state with high-level education, an abundance of job opportunities, and first-class amenities, like hospitals, hotels, and recreational centers.

Why is California so expensive?

As the most populous state in the U.S., there is high demand for virtually everything in California, meaning it’s an expensive place to live. Real estate, rent, labor, and raw materials command a high price in the Golden State. 


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