El Porto Beach (Ultimate Guide)

El Porto Beach is part of the City of Manhattan Beach in California and neighboring El Segundo Beach to the North. It’s located near El Porto Community, a residential area within Manhattan Beach. Westward, El Porto overlooks the Pacific Ocean, where every sunset colors the sky in bright oranges, pinks, and violets.

El Porto Beach is one of the best places to visit in California, and it’s fairly easy to reach by car or bus. Some popular activities you can do there are swimming, surfing, volleyball and sunbathing. As for amenities, there are showers, lifeguards, a restaurant, and a bike trail.

Facts About El Porto Beach

Here is the general information about El Porto Beach:

Land Area27 acres
Crime rate26 per 1,000 residents per year
Facts About El Porto Beach

Best Hotels Near El Porto Beach

  1. Sea View Inn at the Beach
  2. Manhattan Beach Motel
  3. Shade Hotel Manhattan Beach

Best Restaurants in El Porto Beach

  1. Surf Food Stand and Beach Rentals
  2. Fishbar
  3. Pancho’s Restaurant
Sunset in El Porto California. - California Places, Travel, and News.
Sunset in El Porto, California. – Source
El Porto, California

Where Is El Porto Beach?

El Porto Beach is found in the southwestern part of California and is managed by Los Angeles County. This oceanfront region is surrounded by two major beaches: Manhattan and El Segundo. It’s located in front of the El Porto neighborhood, which is the northernmost community in the city of Manhattan Beach.

How to Get to El Porto Beach

To access El Porto Beach by car, get off Highland Avenue to 45th Street and drive down until you reach the entrance of the El Porto Beach parking lot.

If you’re taking public transport, the transit bus lines 109 and 232 passes near El Porto Beach. The nearest bus station to El Porto Beach is Highland Avenue & Rosecrans Avenue, running northbound. After that, it’s just a 3-minute walk to the beach.

Sunset in El Porto California - California Places, Travel, and News.
Sunset in El Porto, California – Sunset in El Porto, California

The History of El Porto

In 1911, George Peck, a landowner, revamped the open oceanfront land between Manhattan Beach and El Segundo to form El Porto Beach. It was a beautiful place overlooking the magnificent Pacific Ocean, but the government couldn’t decide whether it belonged to Manhattan or El Segundo.

The developer, Mr. Peck, designated a parking lot and a street for El Porto Beach, as was the case for the neighboring beaches. Then, 69 years later, specifically in the fall of 1980, the City Council finally declared El Porto a part of Manhattan Beach.

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Weird enough, the origin of the name El Porto is unknown. It was first thought to be a translation of “The Port” in Spanish. However, this translation isn’t accurate since “the port” in Spanish means El Puerto.

So, people looked to Portuguese for some inspiration. They discovered that the word Porto means “Port.” Therefore, they concluded that the name of this fascinating town is Portuguese.

A December sunset in El Porto California. The strand starts in El Porto and goes down for miles until Torrance. - California Places, Travel, and News.
A December sunset in El Porto, California. The strand starts in El Porto and goes down for miles until Torrance. – Source
The Strand, El Porto, California

What Is El Porto Beach Known For?

El Porto Beach is best known for big waves, making it a popular surfing destination for surfers in the South Bay area and beyond. The reason for these big waves is the canyon just below the water level, which creates big ripples. As the ocean becomes shallower, the big waves break close to the shore, resulting in surfable tides.

Apart from huge waves, El Porto Beach is known for its nice soft white sand.

What Can You Do in El Porto Beach?

At El Porto Beach, you’ll never get bored. Apart from surfing, there are other coastal activities that you can do. Here are some of the things you can enjoy at El Porto Beach:


As mentioned earlier, the waves at El Porto Beach are huge compared to those at nearby beaches, which makes it an ideal spot for surfing. Beginner and intermediate surfers come here to learn and take turns riding the ocean’s blue waves.


If you’re traveling with a group, you can play a game of volleyball on one of the many volleyball courts found on the sands of El Porto Beach. Even if you’re solo, there’s always going to be a group of people looking to take in an extra player.

Swimming and Sunbathing

One of the most exciting things in the summer in El Porto Beach is taking a dip in the sparkling ocean water. Then, after enjoying the waters of the blue Pacific, you can relax under a colorful beach umbrella and get that lovely beach glow.

Biking and Skating

If you’re tired of swimming and surfing on El Porto Beach, why not try biking? The Strand bike path, also known as Marvin Braude Bike Trail, runs 22 miles along the coast of Los Angeles. It starts in Will Rogers State Beach and ends in Torrance Beach, passing through several beaches along the way, including El Porto.

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If you don’t have a bicycle, you can rent one from the snack bar along the bike trail on the Beach. You can also find skate rentals there as well.

Running and Walking

When at the beach, it’s a perfect opportunity to step out of your usual gym routine and work out in the open air. Running on the beach can be challenging at first if you’re not used to the soft sand moving under your feet. Yet, you’ll soon get used to it as you take in the fresh air and breathtaking views.

Late in the afternoon, you can take long strolls alone or with a loved one.

A view of the strand in El Porto in Los Angeles California. - California Places, Travel, and News.
A view of the strand in El Porto, in Los Angeles, California. – Source
El Porto, California

Amenities at El Porto Beach

El Porto Beach offers plenty of basic amenities.

Surf Food Stand

Nothing is more convenient than having a restaurant right on the sand. Surf Food Stand serves breakfast and lunch, from Mexican to Mediterranean food to burgers. They also make various kinds of tasty beverages, both hot and cold.

Showers and Restrooms

Regarding basic beach-goers’ needs, having a place to clean off comes at the top of the list. Luckily, at El Porto Beach, there are multiple restrooms and locker rooms where you can change into your swimsuit and out.

There are also several showers, both outdoors and in the restrooms themselves. The outdoor showers are spread throughout the beach for added convenience. Just remember to bring your toiletries to save the hassle of going back and forth.


For the safety of all beachgoers, there are several lifeguard towers on El Porto Beach. The lifeguards are on duty every day from the morning until the evening when the beach closes.

They start their duty each day, starting at eight o’clock in the morning. Then, working in shifts, they remain there until the beach closes at eight at night.

Parking Lot

El Porto Beach has a big metered parking lot near the sand. Some meters still take coins, while others are the modern ones that use credit cards to load.

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A quick warning, though, the parking lot is packed on the weekends. So, try to get there early to find a good parking spot.

Bike Trail and Rentals

Talking about bikes, there’s a long bike trail that runs through El Porto Beach. If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry. There’s a rental shop with bikes and skates along the bike path near the parking lot.

Campsurf Surfing School

Although not technically an amenity for day-use visitors, Campsurf gives surfing lessons to children and adults. You can pay for a private lesson or join the more affordable group classes.

At Campsurf, the instructors will teach you how to stand on a paddleboard and balance yourself. Then, you’ll learn how to ride the world-famous tides of El Porto.

Path by El Porto beach California. - California Places, Travel, and News.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs allowed at El Porto Beach?

Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed at El Porto beach. However, if you want to enjoy the beach with your dog, you can visit other beaches in California, like Coronado Dog Run Beach and Monterey state beach.

Can you surf at El Porto Beach?

Yes, El Porto beach is known to have big waves that the surfers love. In addition, the sand makes it comfortable and safe in case of a fall.

Is El Porto beach worth visiting?

El Porto Beach is a beautiful beach that’s easy to reach, especially if you’re living in California. If you’ve never been, grab your swimsuit and sunscreen, and spend the weekend on the shore.
Yet, remember, El Porto Beach is no secret, especially during spring break and in the summer. These are the peak seasons, so it’s best to avoid these times if you can.



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