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North America is an incredible land of contrasts; the country has everything from Florida’s sunny and humid climate to the freezing North or the flat salt lakes in Utah to Mount Denali in Alaska. If you want to surf the waves in Orange County, California, or trudge over deserts, somewhere in America has what you are looking for.

Orange County, California, is spread over 2 455 km², with 40 miles (64 km) of coastline, recognized internationally as some of the best surfing beaches in the world. The original Disney theme park is the only one Walt Disney designed and remains true to his dream.

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What Is Orange County, California Known For?

Orange County is a popular tourist destination in California, known for its world-famous Disney world, its beaches, many activities, and cultural offerings.

  • The original Disney theme park.
  • The other beaches run to the South of Huntington beach.
  • The many trails and wilderness areas in the county.

However, there is much more to Orange County than these major drawcards.

The Original Disney Theme Park

Disney theme parks are known and loved by children and adults worldwide. The first Disney World in Orange County is the only one that Walt Disney himself supervised.

Orange County Beaches

The beaches which frame the Southern edge of Orange County have an international reputation as offering some of the best surfing conditions anywhere.

The Trails And Wilderness Areas

The many trails and national parks offer a chance to safely get out into the countryside and see the amazing vistas.

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What’s In Orange County?

Orange County, California, is known internationally as the birthplace of the original Disney theme park. However, this is not the only attraction; many other wonderful features make this one of California’s most exciting counties to visit.

Disney World

All things Disney, including Disney Land Park, Disney Land Resort, and Disney California Adventure Park, are the first and most recognizable attractions in Orange County, California.

Outdoor Activities

Orange county has iconic beaches, including Huntington, Doheny State Beach, and Laguna Beach. Orange County is also blessed with amazing trails, the beautiful Crystal Cove State Park,

Orange County Offers Cultural Facilities

Orange County has many historic and interesting buildings, indoor and outdoor art galleries, and festivals.

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Interesting Facts About Orange County?

About Orange County

Orange County gets its name from oranges, the largest crop grown in the state. It is not farmed to any great degree anymore. Orange County is in Southern California, between Los Angeles County and San Diego County, and thirty-four cities are in the county. With just over 3 million people, Orange County has the third-largest population in California.

Companies in Orange County

Orange County is home to many top companies, which include.

  1. Ingram Micro
  2. Pacific Life
  3. Edwards Lifesciences
  4. Quicksilver
  5. Blizzard Entertainment
  6. Vans
  7. Chapman University
  8. CHOC (Childhood Cancer)
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Things To Do In Orange County

There are endless possibilities to keep you and the family occupied while in Orange County, California.

  • Huntington City Beach.
  • Disneyland.
  • El Moro Canyon Loop Trail.
  • Doheny State Beach.
  • Discovery Cube Orange County.
  • Orange County Zoo.
  • Laguna Beach Art Galleries In Orange County.
  • Laguna Coast Wilderness Park In Orange County.

Huntington City Beach

Known as “Surf City U.S.A.,” Huntington Beach hosts the U.S. Open of Surfing for seven days in August, the world’s largest surf competition. Whether you are an experienced surfer wanting to ride some of the best waves in the world, enjoy a day at the beach playing volleyball, or soak in the sun’s rays, Huntington beach has it all.

Watching the sunset over the Huntington Beach Pier provides many opportunities to take those once-in-a-lifetime beach photographs we always imagine.


A destination in itself, the iconic Disneyland was opened in 1955 and is the only one designed and built under Walt Disney’s supervision. Internationally known as the “Happiest Place On Earth,” this iconic feature is on most people’s bucket lists to visit at some time in their life.

BY 2020 nearly ¾ billion visitors have passed through Disneyland (this figure does not include attendances at the Florida and France sites).

In Orange County Disneyland, you can visit the following iconic sights.

  1.  Main Street, U.S.A. (The inspiration of which is a typical early 20th-century Midwest town).
  2. Adventureland (An imagined exotic tropical place somewhere in the world).
  3. New Orleans Square (19th-century New Orleans).
  4. Frontierland (pioneer days along the American frontier).
  5. Critter Country (“Bear Country”).
  6. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (set within the Star Wars universe).
  7. Fantasyland (Where Walt Disney tried to make children’s dreams come true).
  8. Mickey’s Toontown (fictional Los Angeles suburb of Toontown).
  9. Tomorrowland (adventures that are a living blueprint of our future).
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El Moro Canyon Loop Trail

If getting away from the hubbub and bright lights suits you better, consider booking the El Moro Canyon Loop Trail. The trail is 5km long and loops back on itself to finish at the same place where you started.

The El Moro trail starts and finishes at the El Moro Visitor Centre just north of the Crystal Cove State Park Campground.

While walking the loop, you will get a marvelous view of El Moro Canyon when it eventually rises 800 feet, where you will see some of the most magnificent views of the Orange County Coastline. It is a little steep; however, it is quite navigable if you take your time.

Doheny State Beach

Situated down the road from Huntington beach, Doheny Stare beach is renowned as one of the cleanest, most friendly beaches. Not as popular as Huntington makes it less crowded. Surf lessons are available for the newcomer.

Nothing is as enjoyable and refreshing as sitting on the Doheny Beach sand and breathing in the fresh Pacific Ocean air. You will often get delightful views of dolphins, pelicans, hummingbirds, and Egyptian geese.

On the shallows, there is starfish and sea bass aplenty.

Discovery Cube Orange County

Making learning the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects fun and interactive, the Discovery Cube in Orange county puts a new emphasis on teaching these vital subjects.

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The Discovery Cube focuses on children and teacher training and puts the fun back into what has sometimes become a dreary curriculum. Discovery cube runs regular weekly camps and is open with age-appropriate activities to Students entering K- 2 through to Students entering 3 – 5.

It is an exciting, not to be missed learning opportunity for your children.

Orange County Zoo

For over 100 years, the Orange County Zoo has been a refuge for the nation’s wildlife. Over the years, it has developed into the current modern zoo, which was opened in 1985 and called the Irvine Park Zoo.

Since its opening, the name has been changed to the more appropriate O.C. Zoo. Many animals have been brought in after abandonment or serious harm. Some of the animals in the zoo include mountain lions, coyotes, and bald eagles.

Laguna Beach Art Galleries In Orange County

It is between Huntington City Beach and Doheny State Beach in Laguna beach. Apart from being a typical beach, Laguna offers beach art galleries conveniently located along the coast.

The galleries will excite and challenge your mind, as will the many art festivals on Laguna beach every year.

  1. Laguna Art-a-Fair
  2. Festival of Arts
  3.  Sawdust Art and Craft Festival

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park In Orange County

You can walk, ride your bike, or ride your horse through the Laguna Coast wilderness park. There are many different trail options, lengths, and difficulty levels available, and you choose how far you want to travel and the difficulty you want to challenge yourself with.

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Famous People From Orange County

Many famous names came from Orange County or chose to make it their home. Historic and household names were born in or lived for a long time in Orange County.

Ashley Benson

On December 18, 1989, she was born in Anaheim Hills; Ashley Benson still lives in Orange County. She acted like Hanna Marin in the Pretty Little Liars teen mystery-drama series.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani is a leading pop singer/songwriter who emerged as the alternative rock band, No Doubt’s lead singer. Married to famed country singer Blake Sheldon, this beautiful and talented singer still commands a presence on stage.

John Wayne

Born as Marion Morrison, John Wayne grew into a character as large on screen as he was off-screen. He starred in more than 150 films in his career and became known as the stereotypical “good guy” who brought justice into places where there was none. In his honor, the Orange County airport has been named the John Wayne Airport.

Lindsay Davenport

Born on June 8, 1976, in Laguna Beach, Orange County, Lindsey Davenport is one of the greatest American tennis players. She won the Wimbledon singles and doubled championship in 1999 and three 3 different Grand Slam titles without losing a set!

Her career spanned 17 years between 1993 to 2010, when she won the singles titles in the following grand slam tournaments.

  1. The US open in – 1998
  2. Wimbledon in – 1999
  3. Australian Open – 2000
  4. Summer Olympic Gold Medal – 1996
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And the doubles titles in

  1. The French Open – 1996
  2. US Open – 1997
  3. Wimbledon – 1999

Michelle Pfeiffer

On April 29, 1958, Michelle Pfeiffer was born, and one of the most prolific actresses graced the silver screen.

She has won.

  1. An Emmy Award for The Wizard of Lies (2017)
  2. A 2018 Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries, or Television Film
  3. Three Academy Award nominations.
  4. Canadian Screen Award for Best Actress (2021).

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has remained one of the best golfers to grace the circuit through his tumultuous life.

Will Ferrell

Born on July 16, 1967, funnyman Will Ferrell has captivated us with his incredible sense of humor and acting ability to bring a smile to the most wizened of us. Will was born in Irvine in Orange County and went to University High School. He is one of the main comic actors from the late 1990s and 2000, referred to as the frat pack.

Other members of this august group include.

  1. Jack Black
  2. Ben Stiller
  3. Steve Carell
  4. Vince Vaughn
  5. Paul Rudd
  6. Owen Wilson
  7. Luke Wilson
Sunset view over Laguna Beach California at sunset. - California Places, Travel, and News.
Sunset view over Laguna Beach, California at sunset.

Orange County California FAQ

The following are commonly asked questions about Orange County, California.

Is Orange County A Good Place To Live?

Orange County is a wonderful place to live; the people are renowned for their friendliness. There is an endless list of adventures you can enjoy in your free time, the beaches are great, and the weather is generally very acceptable.

The weather is very pleasant between May, October, and September; however, it cools in January and December. Unfortunately, Orange County suffers from a higher crime rate than the rest of the country.

The Crimes per 100,000 people are.

1. Assault – 1.833 (national average national 282.7)
2. Murder – 3.71 (national average 6.1)
3. Rape – 85.4 (national average 40.7)
4. Robbery – 78.5 (national average 135.5)
5. Burglary – 656.9 (national average 500.1)
6. Theft – 442.1 (national average 2,042.8)
7. Motor Vehicle Theft – 406.9 (national average 284)

Is It Expensive In Orange County?

It is surprising that even though Orange County is such a popular destination, house prices and living costs in Orange County are lower than in surrounding areas and across America.

Salaries are 23% lower than the median American wage; however, the lower house prices and cost of living mean you need less to make it through the month.

1. Median home values – $271,700 (American Median $374,900)
2. Median home Rent – $1,060
3. Median Household income – $52,537 (American Median $67,521)


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