Yuba County California

Are you interested in visiting Yuba, or maybe moving here? Yuba has much to offer as one of the 27 original Counties of California. Here you will find almost everything there is to know about Yuba County.

Yuba County is rich in natural rivers that flow through the County and artificial lakes, giving it the look of an oasis. The Gold Rush in the 1850s gave history to the County, and the vast museums tell the stories. Many waterfalls, hiking trails, and water sports on the lakes keep most entertained.

Yuba River Yuba County California - California Places, Travel, and News.

What Is Yuba County California Known For?

Yuba County is known for its picturesque landscapes, beautiful rivers, farmlands, and tight community. The recreational activities are endless in Yuba.

  • Rivers in Yuba
  • Swan Festival

Vast Rivers In Yuba

Yuba is known for the beautiful rivers that flow through it. There are four rivers in Yuba County. The Yuba River, Feather River, Sacramento River, Snake River, and Bear River.

The Yuba River flows from three different forks out of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range into the Feather River in Marysville. The Yuba River was mined for gold, and the mine tailings caused the riverbeds to increase significantly, almost covering the whole town of Marysville.

The farmers from the area got a lawsuit against the miners. A dam was built, the Yuba dam, to help alleviate the problem.

The Feather River forms the boundary between Yuba and Sutter County. It is 170 miles long and flows into the Sacramento River. You can see some rare birds by Feather River, including the bald eagle, bank swallow, and Swainson’s hawk.

The Bear River originates in the Tahoe National Forest and flows into the Feather River. The Bear River is famous for kayaking and fishing.

The Sacramento River is 447 miles long and is the longest river in California. It flows through many Counties. The endangered species, chinook salmon, migrate through the Sacramento River in the winter months.

The Swan Festival

The Swan Festival is one of the known things happening in Yuba County. The expo hall is in Marysville hosting exhibits and presentations. The migrating Tundra Swans usually make a pit stop in Juba County, a sight to be seen or photographed by bird enthusiasts.

What’s In Yuba County?

The history of Yuba County is much, and being one of the original Counties, the history date way back to the 1800s.

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Bok Kai Temple

A Big Chinese community moved to Yuba County during the Gold Rush in 1849 to mine. In 1854 they built the Bok Kai Mui (temple) as their primary worship area. Many of their gods were housed here, and some believed they had the power to control floods and the rain. Today you can visit the temple and get a glimpse of the history of Yuba.

Forbes House, Marysville

The Forbes house was built in 1854 for $6000 (converting it to the current time, it equals around $225000) and housed Alexander Forbes and his family. Today you can visit the house as a restaurant and enjoy the historical luxury while dining.

Yuba River and Forrests Yuba County - California Places, Travel, and News.

Things To Do In Yuba County?

Yuba county is full of fun things to do, especially recreational activities with all the rivers in the area. There are many sites to see and museums to explore to understand the heart of Yuba County.

  • Marysville Raceway Park
  • Museum of the Forgotten Warriors
  • West Coast Falconry
  • Ellis Lake
  • Beale Falls hiking trail
  • Johnson U-Pick Farm
  • Empire Mine State Historic Park
  • Marysville Peach Festival
  • Bullards Bar

Marysville Raceway Park

Join in the adrenaline rush by visiting the Marysville Raceway Park. They host competitions for professional auto racers, which is quite a sight. You can expect races almost every Saturday and buy tickets on their website together with the schedule of the races.

Museum Of The Forgotten Warriors

Dann Spear started the museum in his garage in 1983 to honor those who served in the Vietnamese War and got attacked on their way home. More than 22000 stories and artifacts such as uniforms, helmets, and documents can be viewed at the museum.

West Coast Falconry

The West Coast Falconry can keep you busy for an hour to two hours, and all are welcome. Here you can learn about all the falcon types in the area, their habitat, and how they survive. They have many classes and tours to choose from. Kids tours, teen tours, a guide for photographers, and professional lessons for those interested in becoming falconers.

Visit Ellis Lake

Ellis Lake is an artificial lake in Marysville. The lake offers a relaxing vibe where you can enjoy the park with kids, go for a walk or a picnic, and soak in the beautiful views. Kids can fish or feed the ducks that live on the lake.

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Beale Falls Hiking Trail

The trail is 5,99 miles long to hike with a grassy surface. Your end destination is the beautiful Fairy Falls or Beale Falls. The best part of this hidden gem is that you can swim in the pool at the bottom of the falls, making your trip 10 times better.

Johnson U-Pick Farm

This is a fun activity with kids, even if you just love fruit. They ask that you bring your containers, and then you can pick your fruit. Strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and peaches are available, and the pricing is not bad. You can bring your food and enjoy a picnic at their picnic tables and a play area for kids.

Empire Mine State Historic Park

Once a facility that made mining tools and equipment and where miners mined underground is now a museum listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Between 1850 and 1856, about 5.8 million ounces of gold were mined here.

You can expect a tour of the Bourne Cottage and the mine yard when you visit the museum. The cottage was the 1890 home of William Bourne Jnr, a beautiful home built out of waste rocks from the mine. The mine yard tour will take you through the work setting of the miners and how they worked underground. There are also beautiful gardens to stroll through.

Marysville Peach Festival

This festival is one to enjoy annually in Marysville. This time of the year, usually July, the peaches are perfect and juicy, and peach lovers from all over the world come to enjoy them.

There are many vendors selling everything to anything. Food vendors incorporate peaches into their dishes, and peach producers sell their produce. Definitely, a must when you are in Marysville or the area where the festival is happening.

Enjoy The Water At Bullards Bar

Fishing is open to the public all year round, with the most popular fish Kokanee Salmon being the best in Northern California. You will also find Trout, Bass, Crappie, and Blue Gill. Many activities are available at Bullards Bar Reservoir. There are also hiking trails if you are not too keen on water events.

Water sports are hosted on the lake, which will excite most visitors. Wakeboard, tubing, water skiing, and swimming are available. There are floating restrooms for visitors to use and even houseboats for rent, so you can make a weekend out of your visit to Bullards Bar.

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Famous People From Yuba County

People are always curious about the celebrities that come from a specific County. For some reason, it sometimes helps to remember the County and where it is if you can link it to a celeb you know.

Charlotte Stewart, Actress

Charlotte was born in Yuba City in 1941. She is famous for the television series “Little House on the Prairie” wither role as the teacher “Miss Beadle.” She was married to the actor David Banks until he died in 2012.

Jed Bernard, Actor

Jed was born in Yuba City in 1979. He starred in many movies and was even the Solider on the cover of “Call of Duty 3.” The most famous films he played in are Clemency and Wedding Crashers. Interestingly, he was a model in New York and turned it down for acting instead.

Michael P. Moran, Actor

Michael was born in Yuba City in 1944. He starred in his first film in 1979, “Squeeze Play!” and continued to play in 26 more films in his life. The most popular movies are Ghost Busters II and A Perfect Murder. He also had a few roles in television shows (11 in total), where Law and Order and NYPD Blue are the most popular.

He died in 2004 because of Guillain-Barre syndrome. In this sporadic disease, your immune system mistakenly sends antibodies to attack your body’s peripheral nerves. You start to feel numbness from the tips of your fingers until it spreads deeper into the body.

Yuba County FAQ

Interesting Facts About Yuba County?

A great mystery stands until this day in Yuba: the “Yuba County Five.” Five men just disappeared, and later their bodies were found, but the police could not figure out why they were in a deserted place. The places where the bodies were found didn’t make sense either. “Bizarre as Hell” is how the detective described it.

Is Yuba County A Good Place To Live?

Yuba County is an average place to live. Most residents rent their homes, and the County offers a dense suburban feel. The schools are above average, and the recreational activities draw tourists to this County. Still, safety is not always up to standard.

Is It Expensive In Yuba County?

Yuba County is relatively cheap compared to the rest of California and the U.S. Yuba has an overall livability score of 109.8. In contrast, the living cost score of California is 150. Housing is also more affordable in this County.


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